La Vergne Prepares for First Leaf Litter Collection

Sep 30, 2021 at 03:01 pm by WGNS

(La Vergne, Tenn.) The La Vergne Stormwater Department is preparing for its first-ever round of leaf litter collection this fall. Staff estimates the leaf litter collection truck will begin making its rounds October 25 and complete its designated routes by November 30.

The leaf litter collection truck will make one round of collection throughout the city, starting in the western portion of La Vergne and ending in the eastern portion. The truck will only make one route through every residential street in La Vergne and will not return for leaves not in place or additional piles.

Residents should pile their leaves out by the road in front of the front yard before the start date of October 25 to make sure their leaves will be picked up. Staff will have a pre-written route that they will follow but due to potential volume and weather these routes are not assigned specific dates.

Scroll down for rules and things to think about when raking leaves for collection...


There are some things that staff want residents to keep in mind while raking their leaves for collection:

- Leaves must be in a raked pile. Scattered leaves will not be collected.
- Bagged leaves will not be collected.
- Any leaves piled on stone or gravel will not be collected.
- Crews will not return to collect leaves not in place when crews make their routes.
- Leaves must be piled no more than five (5) feet away from the curb.
- Do not put leaves in the drainage ditch or storm drain.
- Do not put brush or garbage in your leaf pile.
- Place leaves at least 15 feet away from any property such as cars and trash cans.
- Roads with no outlet or cul-de-sac’s with no turn around will not be collected.

A full list of streets with no outlet can be found online at

Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact Stormwater Coordinator Alexandra Thompson at


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