The Battle of Homelessness in Rutherford County and Meeting Needs

Oct 27, 2021 at 03:12 pm by WGNS

Housing, Health and Human Services Alliance of Rutherford County (H3ARC, also referred to as HARC), continues to push forward with the gathering of new ideas to house those who are homeless in our community.

HARC Executive Director Geoff Parker told WGNS NEWS that in addition to the issue of homelessness, there are also others struggling financially who need a variety of services...

Parker said the good news is that there are so many residents in our community who are helping to meet the needs of those who struggle...

He is optimistic that those who are without shelter locally, will one day have somewhere safe to lay their head at night...

Parker will be on-air with WGNS this coming Tuesday (Nov. 2, 2021) morning at 8:10AM to talk more about services for the less fortunate and those who are facing battles that include mental illness and addiction in Rutherford County.

Tune in and listen on Tuesday morning - WGNS broadcasts on FM 100.5, FM 101.9, AM 1450 and online or through your smart phone. Click Here to listen!



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