WGNS: Hear Us on FM 100.5 in Smyrna & In Murfreesboro on FM 101.9 / AM 1450

Nov 23, 2021 at 01:06 pm by WGNS

WGNS is expanding to better serve Rutherford County. Smyrna now has a signal where residents can easily hear the Good Neighbor Station on FM 100.5. If you live in Murfreesboro and listen to 100.5, re-tune your radio to FM 101.9 by January 1st (which also happens to be the 75th anniversary of the station).

Of course, you can always listen to AM 1450.


The expansion into Smyrna will put a strong signal on FM 100.5 for the county's second largest city.

Again, if you're listen to WGNS in Murfreesboro on FM 100.5, tune to FM 101.9 before January 1st to continue to listen. In Smyrna, tune in now to FM 100.5 to hear WGNS in crystal clarity.

Another reminder that you can carry WGNS anywhere you are in the world. WGNSRadio.com has streaming audio available 24/7. Just tap the LISTEN LIVE button at the top of the page.

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