Tis the Season for Shoplifting in Murfreesboro

Dec 20, 2021 at 10:57 am by WGNS

Shoplifting continues to be an issue for local stores as we get closer and closer to Christmas.

In one case, two women entered the TJ Maxx store on Old Fort Parkway, grabbed a clothing hamper from inside the store – filled the hamper with baby clothing and then walked out of the store. When a loss prevention worker approached the two females they became very hostile and made threating statements. The suspects continued to their car and drove away with the stolen baby clothing from the store.

In another case, an Antioch resident was caught in a Murfreesboro Walmart store switching tags on clothing items in the store. Evidently, she was taking price tags from less expensive items and putting those tags on the more pricey clothing items.  

A Murfreesboro Lowe’s employee told police a man entered the store with a shopping cart, loaded up a shop vac and a carjack and then pushed the shopping cart out the front door. The man never stopped at the register and was observed pushing the shopping cart through the nearby Wendy’s parking lot. Police did not arrive in time to arrest the subject and it appears as if he may have gotten away with not only a shop vac and a car jack, but also a Lowe’s shopping cart.

In another Walmart incident, a man entered the store and stole an air mattress. He then tried to return the recently stolen air mattress, despite the fact that he never paid for it to begin with.

Again, these are just a few highlights from recent shoplifting incidents throughout Murfreesboro.



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