Highlighting Several New Laws in Tennessee

Dec 29, 2021 at 11:34 am by WGNS

With the new year around the corner, you can expect several new laws. With a glimpse of the changes, here is WGNS’ Ron Jordan...

Scroll down to read a few more law changes for Tennesseans...



Several other new laws for 2022 in Tennessee:

HB0100 Guardians / Conservators: This will require petitions for appointment of a conservator undergo a background search in the department of health's registry of those who have been convicted for abused, neglect, or who have misappropriated the property of vulnerable persons. This will also include a search on the national sex offender registry.

HB0188 Occupations: Under this bill, members of the United States Armed Forces and honorably discharged veterans who received certified occupational training are now eligible to receive equivalent credit toward certain occupational licenses tied to their military training.

HB0419 TennCare and Chiropractor’s: This will allow for chiropractic services to be authorized and covered by those who are under the TennCare medical assistance program.

HB1351 Sports and College Athletes: This new bill authorizes college athletes in Tennessee, other than an institution of higher education governed by the board of regents of the state, to possibly be compensation for the use of the athlete's name or image under certain conditions.


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