Gordon Ferguson, President & CEO

Jan 01, 2022 at 08:01 am by WGNS

One person who definitely has a "heart for healing", and one who has never been honored is GORDON FERGUSON.  He is the president and CEO of Ascension St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital. Gordon’s leadership took the community into a new era of healthcare when in 2010 the hospital moved from Highland Avenue to Medical Center Parkway. That didn’t happen overnight, Gordon negotiated for that land and facility for many years.  In fact, the new hospital was the key to the success of the Gateway Project. More than a decade has now passed, and under Ferguson’s leadership, Ascension St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital continues to expand its cancer and coronary care, they completed a major vertical expansion, and are now building Tennessee’s first neighborhood hospital in the Blackman Community—and…have geographically placed treatment centers and drop-in clinics throughout the area. Plus all services are "faith based", and that makes a huge difference. THANK YOU Gordon Ferguson--our Heart for Healing honoree. 

WGNS spoke with Gordon Ferguson.  CLICK HERE to see that story.