6-Months into new handgun carry laws in Tennessee and many still have questions

Jan 05, 2022 at 03:18 pm by WGNS


Since the passage of the permit-less carry law passed and went into effect last year in July, there are still questions and confusion over the matter.

With the law change roughly six month ago, many residents fail to realize that residents can openly carry a handgun in Tennessee, which means the gun is fully or partially exposed – as opposed to conceal carry, which means the armed person has their gun fully concealed...

That was Captain Don Fanning of the Murfreesboro Police Department.

Regardless of the law change, residents continue to call police from time-to-time fearing the worst when they see an individual openly carrying a handgun on their waist, which is considered “Open Carry,"...

However, those who have a handgun carry permit are allowed more privileges when going armed, verses those who do not have a handgun permit in Tennessee...

Those with a permit are allowed to go armed in not only parks, but also into campgrounds, Greenways and nature trails. Full time employees of universities and higher education institutions are also allowed to go armed – if they have a carry permit.

More details on being armed in Tennessee with or without a gun carry permit are posted in the illustration above this news story. 

For MORE Information on gun permits in Tennessee and for those without a permit, visit the states website that gives further detail on how to properly go armed, who can be armed and who cannot be armed in the Volunteer State - CLICK HERE for more DETAILS.



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