'Boro Street Department Prepares for Third Snow

Jan 15, 2022 at 10:17 am by WGNS


Rutherford County is preparing for it's third substantial snowfall in two weeks. The Murfreesboro Street Department is prepared and ready to deploy. They share the following items of note in preparation for the storm: 

We cannot brine the roads prior to the snow/ice. There will be substantial rain prior to and that will only wash the brine away and render the effort useless.
We urge you to PLEASE stay home if your travel is not absolutely necessary. 
If you MUST get out, we implore you to STAY BACK from our salting trucks. Our drivers cannot stop the salt from covering your vehicle if you are riding too closely.
Our crews will be working in 12 hour shifts until this snow event has been taken care of and our roads are in the best shape possible to ensure safe travels. 
Thank you, stay safe and enjoy this next round of snow!
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