Aim for a Purpose Shooting Competition Fundraiser presented by Truist

Jan 18, 2022 at 08:57 pm by WGNS

Aim For A Purpose is the first fundraising event to be held at the new Outpost Armory located at 1132 Beasie Road in Murfreesboro. The upcoming event will be on Thursday, February 24th from 5:30 pm to 8 pm with the Barret .50 caliber experience auction beginning at 5:30 pm.

Liberty’s Station reports they are excited to present this unique shooting competition to the community.

There will also be a handgun shooting competition, a shooting simulator, and the opportunity to shoot a Barrett .50 caliber rifle, which is made in Murfreesboro at Barrett Firearms.

All proceeds from this event will go directly to Liberty’s Station.

Liberty’s Station is a progressive workforce pipeline where 90% of the employees have intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), physical disabilities, or other employment barriers. Employees are assessed, trained, and gain work experience to confidently acquire long-term community employment. 

This competition will attract gun enthusiasts and those new to the sport, so sign up today due to limited spots available for the competition. Spectators can purchase a ticket at the door for only $10.

Visit to register.


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