Is There A Correlation Between Frigid Temps, Darkness and Increased Crashes?

Jan 20, 2022 at 09:58 pm by WGNS


(MURFREESBORO)  Do dark hours and super cold temps impact traffic crashes? There was a multi-vehicle accident with injuries around 6:00 o'clock Thursday (1/20/2022) night at the intersection of Thompson Lane and Medical Center Parkway. 

Is there a correlation between frigid temps, extended hours of darkness and increased crashes? 


Cold weather often brings fluctuating tire pressure.

Have you heard the old wives' tale that when you let a little air out of your tires, more rubber touches the roadway and the vehicle holds to the road better? 

Studies have proven that it is important to have the correct air pressure in your tires. In fact, underinflated tires make the vehicle more difficult to control. 

If you have a tire pressure warning light, check it regularly. During these super frigid days and nights, you'll probably see it "on" more often. Keep control by keeping air pressure accurate. 

The serious head-on crash and fire Thursday morning happened before sunrise--it was dark. The accident reported here was Thursday night--it was dark. A university study shows that fatal crashes are 70 per cent more likely to occur in the dark hours. That study was based on four years of statistics (2016-2020). The data shows it is also important to buckle-up. 

So, reduce your risks of night-time cold winter crashes by: 

  • keep the proper air pressure in your tires
  • always buckle-up, so if you have a wreck--there is more protection
  • an increasing local problem, watch out of deer
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