One More Dream, a Movie Filmed in Murfreesboro to be Featured at Local Theater on January 28th

Jan 24, 2022 at 02:59 pm by WGNS

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The Film industry comes to Murfreesboro, Tennessee as B4 Entertainment/FBC Company LLC in association with Jeevan Films, Kyyba Films and Kendall Gray Productions show their latest feature film production One More Dream in an exclusive one day movie premiere event at Murfreesboro’s Premiere 6 Theater.

Written, Produced and Directed by Murfreesboro resident Ricky Burchell, he hopes that the people of the city will get to enjoy the movie first before it’s released nationwide in theaters in March. Burchell says “I’m looking forward to audencies seeing the beautiful city of Murfreesboro on a big screen all across the world. 

High School is as much a time for fear and self-doubt as it is for dreams. In One More Dream, we get a rare glimpse into the mind of young Jeremy as he tries to understand how the heartbreaks of adolescence interrupt the lives of his friends and how real the fight is in overcoming the doubts and fears in his own life.

Jeremy’s life is pretty good until a bully embarrasses him in front of the whole school and the love of his life breaks up with him. Devastated, he turns to Jules, his encourager. Jules is a tender heart with a tough exterior, but instead of comfort, Jules has some harsh truths for Jeremy about dealing with his fear. Later, when Jeremy stumbles across his archnemesis in crisis, he reluctantly rescues him. Jeremy begins to see how the pain of the past impacts how people respond in the present, and although he cannot change the past, having friends who support you and encourage you can give you the strength to overcome the fears and doubts and create a new dream for yourself!

One More Dream has a cast of talented industry newcomers in the starring roles as well as some seasoned and well-established actors in cameo appearances. David Rand, Emma Duchesneau, Sam Brooks (from Netflix’s Fear Street) & Sarah Jiral play the lead characters in the film while legendary Indian actor Napoleon Duraisamy plays the role of the principal, Dr. Vasan. Elite Hollywood actor Omar Gooding plays the role of George, Jeremy’s Dad. Soap opera actress, Tina Gallo (DiDi in General Hospital), plays Jules’ Mom.

Murfreesboro made the perfect backdrop for One More Dream as some scenes were filmed at Riverdale High School, Holloway High School, Trendy Pieces and the Murfreesboro Square.

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Watch the move trailer below: 

One More Dream Premiere Showing:

7:00 pm, Jan 28th @ Premiere 6 Theater
810 NW Broad St STE 200
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

VIP After Party:

9:30 pm, Jan 28th @ Walnut House
116 N Walnut St
Murfreesboro, TN 37130



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