Central Magnet School Visual Arts – Middle and High Student Works

Feb 21, 2022 at 01:24 pm by WGNS

A local school involved in the arts will have their works on special display now through March 5th.

Central Magnet School is a 6th – 12th grade school located on E. Main Street in Murfreesboro and is part of the Rutherford County School District. Students enjoy experimental art and year-round art during their middle school years and through Art I, Art II, Art III, Advanced Placement Art, Sculpture/Ceramics classes in the year-round format. The artworks in this show feature middle and high school students.

Some works in this show are from art lessons taught in class, and some are works developed and executed by the students independently. The students have worked very hard and made their share of healthy mistakes to arrive at today's included artworks.

The themes range from pop culture, personal exploration, feminism, the black experience in America to gender identity, art-deco, and absurd-ism.

One of the instructors, Ray Bennett (BA; UT-Knoxville) has been teaching for over ten years; eight at Central Magnet. Bennett teaches middle school art as well as the sculpture/ceramics course.

The second instructor is Danny Freeman (BA; MTSU), who has taught for 11 years, teaching high school Art I, II, III, and AP Art.

- February 19–March 5, 2022 - On Exhibit in the Todd Art Gallery.



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