A heartfelt thanks to Chris Grey

Feb 23, 2022 at 08:58 pm by Danny Brewer

  As we move through the game of life, if we are lucky, we cross paths with a guy like Chris Grey. Solid as a rock, this behemoth was so big in many ways. A great professional in the medical field, a dedicated husband and father, and a star athlete Mr. Grey was a shining light for many.

  Our paths first crossed when we both played in Coach Gary Miller’s Sunday men’s basketball league. Big as a house and gifted athletically, Chris bounced my skinny butt around in the paint as we enjoyed both league and pick-up game encounters. Those early days gave me a glimpse of this guy’s great personality.

  Being that we were both Smyrna residents, our lives intertwined. Being a sports scribe and realizing Chris was a starter on the offensive line at Maryland during the Boomer Esiason days, we would talk college football while lifting weights at the Smyrna Town Center. Needless to say, big Chris was VERY impressive in the weight room. His sons also swam at Smyrna high. Because I was a volunteer and booster for that Bulldog program, we spent time laughing and joking about his record-setting son Cameron getting his talent all from mom.

  I feel even more fortunate to say Chris and his family have been customers of ours at DR. Automotive since we opened. I never wanted them to have car problems, but always enjoyed seeing him because I knew the laughs and jokes were coming.

 Unfortunately, a lost battle with cancer has taken him from this earth. Totally fun-loving and absolutely my kind of guy, Chris Grey was a giant in my eyes. Not because he stood six-foot-three and weighed a bunch, but because he was genuine and real. You sir will be both remembered and missed. God bless you and your wonderful family. Thank you Chris Grey for being a great part of my life.


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