Old Goldstein's Department Store building on Murfreesboro Square to be Renovated

Mar 30, 2022 at 03:30 pm by WGNS

"Goldstein's" photo from MTSU's Digital Image Collection of local history

The old Goldstein's Department Store building on the downtown Murfeesboro square will be remodeled, that according to Rutherford County Mayor Bill Ketron...


Currently, the Rutherford County Election Commission is housed in the building at “1 South Public Square."

The building, which is part of Rutherford County's historic past, was originally home to the largest department store in the community.

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building and the family that opened Goldstein's...


The Old  Goldstein's Building in Murfreesboro - Continued... 

William Goldstein, who was a Jewish - Russian immigrant, moved to Murfreesboro in the 1880's. Goldstein and his family eventually opened the Goldstein's Department Store in the late 1800's. William and his wife Dora ran the family business up until 1930. His son's continued the family legacy for another 35-years.

Around 1965 the store changed hands and remained open until the early 1980's.

Again, the old Goldstein's building on the local square will remain in tact for years to come, now that the county has decided to remodel the building. The project, which will include elevators, will cost around $4-million. 



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