Hotel Stays are Once Again UP in Rutherford County - $5-Million + Increase

Mar 31, 2022 at 07:02 pm by WGNS

More funding is being channeled into Rutherford County, thanks to tourist staying in local hotels and motels.

According to the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce, the February 2022 Smith Travel Research (STR) report shows demand for hotel rooms is up considerably when compared to 2021 – and that of course means that revenue is also up. The Chamber reported, “Rutherford County hotels sold 33,164 additional rooms compared to February 2021, with a revenue increase of $5,805,738.”

The same tune was heard in January of this year as well.

This past January, the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce released the following statement, “We are thrilled to report that the December year-end STR report showed that Rutherford County hotels sold approximately 1.2 million rooms last year with 267,000 additional rooms sold in 2021 compared to 2020. Due to the return of sporting events, conferences, corporate business and individual leisure travelers, county-wide hotel demand/room-nights sold were at pre-pandemic levels when compared to 2019.“  

It appears that visitors are returning to Rutherford County at pre-pandemic levels, according to the Chamber of Commerce.

The STR report, also known as the Smith Travel Research report, is a monthly report that highlights the increase or decrease of tourists in different areas throughout the country.


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