Rutherford County Schools Virtual School ‘breaking down barriers’

Apr 13, 2022 at 12:48 pm by WGNS


“I am a trailblazer … always pushing myself further and breaking down barriers.”

That is the motto of the Rutherford County Virtual School, which is now in its second year and boasts an enrollment of more than 400 students in grades 3-12.

While the pandemic pushed many students into a distance-learning environment temporarily, many students are finding success in the new virtual school, Principal Dr. Jessica Supakhan said.

“We plan to be one of the best virtual schools in the country,” she said. “I believe we are well on the way there.”

One of the first questions many parents ask revolves around what a typical day looks like for a virtual school student. The answer to that question varies, depending on the student grade level. Using 3rd through 5th grades as an example, Dr. Supakhan stated…

A virtual environment offers many students’ non-traditional access to traditional academic education. But what about the social development students need to grow? Supakhan explained how Friday's work in the Virtual School, which are called connection Friday...

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More on Connection Friday: “We have what we call connection Friday,” Supakhan explains. “This is in response to parent advisory feedback. Every Friday we break the day into three groups (elementary, middle and high). We do different activities in-person with the kids. We’ve partnered with 4H, do field trips, have gone bowling, had spirit nights, and have virtual options as well.”

There are other academic benefits to enrolling with RC Virtual School.

For one, students can get a head start on college, pursue early admission, or enter the workforce earlier than their traditional in-person peers.

“High-schoolers are able to graduate early. We do offer graduation in December because we are on a four class block schedule,” Supakhan said.


(Continued) Serving grades 3-12, the free virtual school accepting
applications now for next school year; deadline to apply is April 29

There are some academic requirements for enrolling, and Principal Supakhan advises all parents to read through those requirements thoroughly. The strive for academic rigor is no less than any other Rutherford County school.

“We’re very intentional. We have our own teachers using Rutherford County curriculum. All our teachers have very high expectations for students.”

When thinking about enrolling, parents may be quick to only consider if the fit is right for their child, but parents also need to make sure they are willing and able to take an active role. The relationship, Supakhan explained, is an important one to make sure that students are reaching their potential:

“With us, you must be onboard being a learning coach every single day. Our students need to have parental support. Call us — we are always here to help and to answer any questions. So, reach out and we will help in any way we can. We are proud of what we built over the last two years.

Parents can read and submit the 2022-2023 application HERE and are encouraged to contact the school directly with any questions. The priority application deadline for next school year is April 29.

Visit to learn more about RC Virtual School or check out this video for prospective students and parents.



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