22-Year Police Dispatcher Brandon Hall talks about the stress and the rewards of being a Dispatcher in the Growing Music City

Jun 06, 2022 at 07:06 am by WGNS

The guest on Scott Walker’s Action Line on Monday, June 6, 2022 was Metro Dispatcher Brandon Hall. Some of the topics / questions we dived into included:

1. Talk about some of the craziest calls you have received in the past 22-years.

2. I understand you helped bring down some carjackers in a case that unfolded in Nashville this year. Tell us more about that. (He took 2-separate phone calls, one from a victim, and another from a locksmith contacted by the suspects trying to get a key made.  During that call, members of the Nashville Metro Police Violent Crimes Initiative as well as SWAT, K9, and Aviation took part in the capture.

3. What was it like working on the day of the Nashville Christmas Bombing in downtown Nashville? You worked in dispatch that day, a day that Tennessee will long remember.

4. Have you ever received calls from the suspect of a case who thought by calling, they were throwing off police?

5. What is it like being a dispatcher?

6. Do you ever have a chance to interact with some of the callers you talk to in person?

7. What do you like about working behind the scenes as a dispatcher – as opposed to being a patrol officer, paramedic or other first responder?