Building Permits in Murfreesboro for Single Family Homes, Townhomes and Apartments See Increase During FY 2022

Aug 10, 2022 at 09:45 am by WGNS

Above from the City of Murfreesboro

New residential properties continue to be built throughout the Murfreesboro area. According to the Murfreesboro Building and Codes Department, ‘Dwelling Permits’ throughout Fiscal Year 2022 are up by 11%, when compared to Fiscal Year 2021 numbers.

However, there was a 63% decrease in residential permits issued in May. The drop was in single family home permits, construction permits for townhomes and permits for apartment complexes.  That decrease was later reversed in June when the city recorded a 45% upswing in permits being issued. Officials in Murfreesboro Buildings & Codes report, “These types of fluctuations are typical. In addition, due to rising interest rates, the department expects fluctuations like this to occur as new residential building tapers off.”


When examining permits of all types being issued in Murfreesboro, there has been a downward trend from last year by 11%. Building & Codes reports, “This is mainly due to the higher-than-average commercial permits and residential pool and fence permits from last summer.”  

In July of 2021, close to 1,000 permits were issued. In June of 2022, the number of permits climbed up to about 1,300 approved permits.



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