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Mar 01, 2013 at 05:00 am by bryan

Have you ever thought about volunteering to teach someone how to read? Shelly Stanley with  Read To Succeed told us they will be hosting a volunteer tutor training session on March 6 and March 20th at the Lon Nuell Literacy Center in First Baptist Church.

Stanley told us that a large percentage of adults in our community don’t know how to read. She said the hardest part of helping these individuals is getting them to come forward.


Stanley tells us they are updating their tutor training program to make it easier for YOU to volunteer. Tutoring is an extremely rewarding volunteer opportunity. Currently, tutors assist adults in earning a GED, going to college, reading to their children, improving job skills, and more. Stanley told WGNS that helping someone through this process can oftentimes be more rewarding for the tutor than for the learner.

Tutors are carefully paired with their learner based on personality, skills, and interests. To volunteer visit – keyword search at the top right is “volunteer with Read To Succeed.”

Before you tutor:

Each tutor must complete the training course (both in-person and on-line) before being paired with a learner. Tutoring can be done at your convenience. Pairs meet in the community at a time and place that works for them. 

More information:

Now you will only have to attend 4 hours of in-person training. You will choose an area of interest to you to focus on: early reading, advanced reading, basic or advanced math, English as a Second Language, or computer skills. Then you will go online and watch a few brief videos in your area of focus to complete the training. 


More information may be viewed at Please contact Shelly Stanley at (615) 738-7323 or to attend. Lunch will be provided.

What is Read To Succeed:

Read To Succeed, the community literacy collaborative in Rutherford County, will promote reading, with an emphasis on family literacy.  This non-profit initiative supports literacy programs and fosters awareness of the importance of reading.  Please visit


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Read To Succeed 

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