CFA Executive Director Job Requirements

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Executive Director



The Executive Director oversees The Center for the Arts’ strategic vision and leads business decisions to drive mission and growth. Duties include collaborating with the Center for the Arts’ leadership team, creating and implementing strategic plans for The Center’s development, and managing relationships with patrons, donors, supporters, and partners. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director ensures all programs further the mission of the organization which is to enhance the quality of life in the local community by providing cultural and economic enrichment through the arts.


Strategic Leadership

Work with the Board of Directors to seek and establish collaborative relationships that are beneficial to the organization and the community it serves.

Collaborate with the Board of Directors to identify, create, and implement strategic plans to actualize mission objectives.

Develop the organizational culture with the leadership team and promote transparency and collaboration throughout the organization.

Cultivate and develop relationships with donors, patrons, volunteers, and community partners.

Assure that the organization makes consistent and timely progress in achieving its mission and goals.

Lead, manage, and guide the organization to attain continued growth, success, and optimal performance.

Budget and Finance

Demonstrate competence in reading, creating, and understanding financial documents including budgets, cash flow, income statements, and balance statements, with functional financial software experience.

Plan, actively manage, and oversee the organization’s operations, programs, and fundraising while ensuring the organization’s financial sustainability.

Actively engage in complex fiscal management through hands-on budgetary development and oversight; routinely report performance and financial activities to the Board.

Development and Fundraising

Lead the development and fundraising efforts for the organization by seeking new contributions from donors, patrons, corporate supporters, foundations, philanthropic supporters, and other potential contributors, coupled with maintaining and nurturing existing donor relationships.

Ensure fiscal integrity of the organization by establishing the budget and managing operations within that budget, while working within the required laws and regulatory requirements.

Approve all expenses and deposits and provide monthly itemized reports to accounting staff.

Plan and execute large annual fundraising event and negotiate contracts.


Identify, recruit, train, and develop a talented team of employees who can lead critical departments and manage strategic business functions.

Monitor operations and ensure employees and policies comply with regulatory and legal requirements.

Community Relations

Effectively represent the organization and promote a positive organizational image to ensure

adequate community representation.

Present information about the organization to relevant constituencies, attending public functions, meeting with donors, and speaking before various organizations on behalf of The Center.

Manage and inspire staff, overseeing processes such as hiring, separation, ongoing staff development, performance management, and compensation and benefits.

Foster a collaborative working environment, encourage professional development, and champion accountability amongst staff.

Board Relations

Oversee and report on the organization’s results for Board of Directors on a bimonthly basis.

Communicate effectively with the Board by providing members with all information necessary to continually function properly and make informed decisions in a timely and accurate manner.

Attend and participate in all Board and Board Committee meetings.

Other Duties

Maintain official records and documents and ensures compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Manage all administrative staff which includes recordkeeping, answering and returning phone calls, and responding to emails and inquiries in a timely manner.

Performs additional duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.


The successful candidate will work with the Board of Directors in developing and implementing the strategic plan incorporating a vision for organizational growth and defining new sources of revenue. This role embraces servant-leadership as well as a thoughtful approach to day-to-day operational management, organizational leadership, and is innovative and fiscally responsible. The Executive Director will be an outstanding communicator and collaborator who clarifies goals, builds teams, and cultivates trust while at the same time demands accountability.


Minimum five years of executive experience as a successful leader of a related nonprofit organization and/or organization.

Proven track record of growing organizational capacity.

Proven ability and experience in fiscal management and preparing and securing Board approval for a complex budget.

Passion for creative program creation and organizational funding growth.

Capacity to excel at influencing and leading an organization towards meeting the mission and target goals.

Capable of designing and directing strategies that enhance and support organizational operations.

Knowledge of how to foster an environment of accountability, healthy work relationships and partnerships, and inclusivity among organizational staff in order to maintain a positive and collaborative work environment.

Outstanding communication skills and the ability to work well with media, staff, and community.

Proven success in leading teams, setting priorities, and implementing a strategic vision.

Strong interpersonal skills, drive, and integrity with demonstrated ability to build, foster, and maintain positive relationships with both internal and external constituencies, including staff, board members, donors, volunteers, and clients.

Experience in fundraising with the ability to formulate and execute development strategies that will enhance revenue while fostering strong partnerships with external partners and community members.


$75,000 to $85,000, Full-time exempt position

Contact Information and Procedure:

Please send resume and references to The Center for the Arts, Inc. is located at 110 W College Street in Murfreesboro. Its web address is   For more information, phone  615-604-2787.

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