College of Education’s Center for Fairness, Justice and Equity, has a full fall semester of events for education students and faculty

Sep 02, 2022 at 03:50 pm by WGNS

Michelle Stevens, MTSU Center for Fairness, Justice and Equity director

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — The College of Education’s Center for Fairness, Justice and Equity, or FJE, has a full fall semester of events lined up for education students and faculty to take advantage of — free of charge — to provide them with resources and training to become more informed, inclusive and successful members of their professions and larger communities.  

“The FJE is delighted to host a wide variety of events designed to assist the College of Education in fulfilling the commitment to support the professional and personal development needs of all COE faculty, staff and students,” said Michelle Stevens, FJE director. 


September, October and November are packed with five events each, the events organized into five different themes that repeat each month: student success skills, faculty resource forums, student resource forums, lunch-and-learns and students of color collective meetings.  

Students or faculty interested in attending these events can find a full listing of the center’s fall offerings here To attend in person, attendees only need to show up at the right time and place. To attend virtually, attendees can access events at the previous event calendar link here.  

The first Wednesday of each month starts with a student success skills workshop, and September’s workshop kicks off Sept. 7 from 1 to 2:30 p.m. in Room 110 of the College of Education building, also known as the “Teacher Candidate HUB” workspace.  

Alicia Abney, academic advising manager for the college, will share hands-on learning on different topics promoting college success during these workshops. September’s topic is “hacking your schedule.”  

Faculty and student resource forums feature speakers from across campus, such as the Career Development Center or the University Writing Center, to inform attendees about the university’s plentiful on-campus resources.  

Lunch-and-learns feature presenters sharing insights over food about best teaching practices to serve all students in the modern classroom.  

“Other events will help continue to build a sense of community for our students of color and historically under-resourced community members while connecting them with networking and mentoring opportunities,” Stevens said. “Overall, our hope is that this semester’s events will offer some information that will be beneficial for all COE students, staff and faculty.”  

This calendar of events is part of the FJE’s larger mission, stated on its website, to “cultivate an inclusive and diverse College of Education by intentionally recruiting diverse faculty, teacher candidates and educational personnel from a multitude of backgrounds … (because) increasing diversity benefits the entire COE by yielding creativity, new insights, innovative skills and multiple perspectives.” 

To learn more about the Center for Fairness, Justice and Equity, visit the website here  

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