Senior Judge who Served as a Rutherford Co. Circuit Court Judge for 24-Years is One of 5 on the New Rutherford County Board of Juvenile Detention Center Commission

Oct 04, 2022 at 10:21 am by WGNS News

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a criminal court judge? If you think you have the stomach for such a task, there are a few things one should think about before taking that first step of going to law school.

Senior Judge J.S. ‘Steve’ Daniel served as a Circuit Court Judge in Rutherford County for 24-years, beginning in 1980 and ending in 2004. He also spent 27-years as a member of the state judiciary. For 3-years, he was one of 5-senior judges, later becoming the chief disciplinary counsel for the Court of the Judiciary.


When you are serving as a judge, there are moments that will bring you down and moments that will weigh on your heart for years to come. Judge Daniel said a rewarding outcome sometimes came years after the close of a criminal court case… Senior Judge Daniel said only a handful of those who go before the criminal courts will stay in prison for the remainder of their life and positive outcomes sometimes begin in the courtroom…

Rutherford County Board of Juvenile Detention Center Commissioners - Senior Judge J.S. 'Steve' Daniel continues to serve the community outside the courtroom. The Senior Judge was recently tapped to be a part of the newly formed Rutherford County Board of Juvenile Detention Center Commissioners. The new board will hold their first meeting this month on October 10, 2022. The Senior Judge is one of five members who will serve on the board, which was formed by the Rutherford County Commission. The board will also include Mayor Joe Carr, who will serve as a chairman.

In examining some of the duties of the new board, members will have charge, supervision and control of the juvenile detention center in all of its departments, juvenile inmates and the selection of a Director of the detention center. According to information filed with the state of Tennessee, the board will also have the power to appoint or dismiss, with or without cause, the Director of the juvenile detention center. Members will also be able to visit and inspect the juvenile detention center, as necessary.

More on Senior Judge Daniel -  Retired Rutherford County Assistant District Attorney J. Paul Newman asked Retired Circuit Court Judge Steve Daniel… Judge Daniel graduated from North Little Rock High School and went on to receive a scholarship to play football for LSU in 1964, where he played in both the Cotton Bowl and the Sugar Bowl, which was his final game in 1968. He majored in business and business finance, thinking that he wanted to go into the field of insurance. Daniel, who enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Private, later becoming a commissioned  officer. You can hear the fascinating interview HERE, with WGNS RoundTable Host J. Paul Newman. Newman is retired from the Rutherford County District Attorney’s Office, where he served as an Assistant District Attorney General.  

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