Past photos from parades in 1985 - 2007

Mar 09, 2013 at 10:46 pm by bryan

These pictures are from several different Christmas Parade's in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. These parade's were put together by WGNS Radio and multiple volunteers from our community. If you have past parade pictures, please email them to us so we can post them online! 

This is a picture from the 2007 parade (below)

Below are a few photos from the 1997 Christmas Parade. 

Below are pictures from the 1993 parade. 

These are pictures from the 1993 parade (below). Pictured
from left to right is Birch Bryant, Kristin Walker, Will Nunley, Rachel Lavery. 

These are pictures from the 1991 parade. 


These are from the 1990 Christmas Parade...


Below is Hap Harrington. He owned Skedaddle Bicycles on Memorial Blvd. next to the Curtis Mathis dealer. It was across the street from Jones Car Wash. 

The below shots are from 1989 in Murfreesboro... 

This is part of the WGNS crew in 1989 getting out float ready. 

These are pictures of the parade in 1986.