The Idea of Introducing Chess to the Curriculum of Local Schools in Rutherford County and Tennessee

Dec 29, 2022 at 03:33 pm by WGNS News

(Rutherford County, TN) Rutherford County Property Assessor Rob Mitchell told WGNS that he is working with State Representative Mike Sparks on something that would help local school students - - involving the game of chess... Chess teaches critical thinking, problem solving and patience, all of which are important tools in life. But school districts throughout the state have not jumped at the idea of utilizing chess in the classroom…

Educators across the world have fit chess into the classroom… Again, Mitchell is working with State Representative Mike Sparks from Smyrna to potentially introduce the game of chess to the education curriculum throughout Rutherford County and the state of Tennessee. WGNS will continue to follow this story.  


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