Monday Morning's 11:20AM Tornado Siren Is A DRILL!

Jan 01, 2023 at 04:56 pm by WGNS

(MURFREESBORO)  If you live near Middle Tennessee State University's campus or the MTSU Tennessee Miller Colliseum, don't become frightened at 11:20AM Monday morning (1/2/2023) when the tornado siren whines up to full volume. 

Though the university will be closed to mark the New Year’s Day holiday, this will be a brief opportunity to ensure MTSU's outdoor warning system is working as needed. No safety actions will be required.

If there's hazardous weather near or approaching campus at the scheduled test time, however, the sirens won't be tested. 

The university notifies the campus and surrounding neighborhoods before these monthly tests. Tests are conducted on the first Monday of each month, even if the university's closed for a holiday.  

The campus community can prepare for emergency weather situations anytime by checking MTSU’s list of recommended shelter locations at

You also can make note of the siren-testing schedule by visiting Bookmark both sites! 

Agan, the tornado siren monthly test is at 11:20AM Monday morning (1/2/2023)--yes, it's only a test!