Resident Informs City of Murfreesboro He Wants to Speak Before Council About Homeless Encampment

Jan 04, 2023 at 08:04 pm by WGNS News


(MURFREESBORO, TN) A local resident has sent emails to the City of Murfreesboro requesting permission to speak before the City Council about what he calls a “bumcamp” on Middle Tennessee Boulevard.

William James Boyd stated in his email to city officials, “The subject of my comments are the bumcamp that squatters have established at the former Kroger location at 1622 Middle Tennessee Blvd, here in Murfreesboro.” While calling the former grocery store location a “bumcamp” is overtly offensive, Boyd was referring to the homeless encampment in or around the structure, which according to property records is owned by the "Kroger Limited Partnership," all 5.6-acres of it.  Boyd went on to say the address has become a haven for crime and drug use. WGNS confirmed through the city’s Crime Mapping program that at least 30-police reports have been filed in the 1600 block of Middle Tennessee Boulevard in the past 6-months. Out of 30, at least 9 were drug or alcohol related and 5 were tied to assault or harassment claims. Other charges filed in the 1600 block were related to theft or weapon possession.


The Murfreesboro City Council meeting will be held on Thursday (01/05/2023) evening at 6 and City Administration confirmed with Boyd that he will be allowed to speak during the Public Comment period, just before the council begins their  full session. Boyd will be heard around 5:30 Thursday evening. Boyd said, “I will request that the city take action on this situation and work to close this bumcamp as it is clearly a public nuisance and a threat to public safety.”

In the email, Boyd included 9-photos of the area around the exterior of the structure that was once home to Kroger, as can be seen above this article.

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