UPDATE: Man who Allegedly Murdered His Children in Murfreesboro Reportedly Killed his Wife in Alabama Approximately 2-Months Ago

Jan 19, 2023 at 07:28 pm by WGNS News


(Murfreesboro, TN) We now have more details about the murder of two children inside a Cason Lane home on Thursday and the suicide of their father.

An undisclosed source told WGNS News that 46-year-old Jamie Lepore of Hazel Green, Alabama allegedly killed his wife inside their Alabama home well-over a month ago and fled the area with his two children. In an attempt to go unnoticed, he traded his vehicle for a truck that he drove to Murfreesboro, Tennessee where he called a long-time friend asking if he and his two sons could spend a few nights in his friend’s home on Cason Lane.


The source who disclosed information about the case to WGNS said that Lepore suggested his wife left him and their children about two months ago. Although those close to the family said Lepore’s wife would not have deserted their children, the father stuck with his story.

Friends or family called the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and asked that a welfare check be conducted at Lepore’s home in Alabama. It was during that welfare check that deputies realized something was wrong.

The undisclosed source told WGNS that Lepore continued to hold-tight to the story that his wife left him and his children. But, after spending weeks and weeks in his friend’s home, his behavior rapidly changed on Wednesday night. It’s believed that Lepore’s behavior changed after he watched his home security camera from his cellphone and saw Madison County Sheriff’s Deputies enter his residence in Hazel Green, Alabama and eventually exit with the lifeless body of his 43-year-old wife Jennifer.

On Thursday morning, Madison County Detectives ‘pinged’ Lepore’s cellphone and quickly notified Murfreesboro Police of his approximate location on Cason Lane. Local authorities then went to a house on Cason Lane in Murfreesboro and spoke with the residents outside of their home, asking if they knew Jamie Lepore. The residents confirmed that Lepore and his kids had been staying with them. In a matter of minutes, the sound of gunshots from inside the house broke-up the conversation and officers moved into the home where they located the lifeless body of Jamie Lepore and his two children.

Murfreesboro Police Public Information Officer Larry Flowers told WGNS, “Investigators say 46-year-old Jamie Lepore, of Hazel Green, Alabama, killed himself after shooting his two children ages 9 and 11.”  All three were pronounced dead on the scene.

Reports from the same undisclosed source say that the friend in Murfreesboro had no idea that the man had killed his wife in Alabama before fleeing to Tennessee.

Murfreesboro Police Criminal Investigation Detectives continue to investigate the shooting death Lepore’s two children and his apparent suicide that occurred inside a Cason Lane home on Thursday morning.  


Previous News Story: At the request of the Madison County, Alabama Sheriff’s Office, Murfreesboro Police officers responded to a home in the 2400 block of Cason Lane for an "Attempt to locate an individual" call. As officers were speaking with the tenants outside, they heard several gunshots inside the home.  Officers safely entered the house and discovered three individuals deceased.  All were pronounced dead on scene.

The adult male shooter is part of an ongoing homicide investigation in Madison County, Alabama.  Murfreesboro Police are referring any questions related to that investigation to the Madison County Alabama Sheriff’s Office and will not further detail what occurred in Alabama.


Previously Reported: Detectives with the Murfreesboro Police Department are investigating a shooting death right now that occurred in the Cason Lane area. Authorities confirmed the shooting occurred at approximately 8:30, Thursday morning in the 2400 block of Cason Lane.

Public Information Officer Larry Flowers told WGNS NEWS, “Officers responded to the home for an attempt to locate call. It’s a fluid situation, so there are few details that can be shared. It’s important to point out, that there is no immediate threat to the community.”

Flowers confirmed at about 11:15 Thursday morning, that police officers are not looking for a suspect, which suggests a suspect has already been developed and located.

Police had to shut down a section of Cason Lane between Frogtown Lane, and Buffalo River Drive to further conduct a thorough investigation in the immediate area of the death. WGNS will continue to follow any developments of the active investigation.

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