A Look Into the Tennessee Philharmonic Orchestra, Followed by the Examination of a New Ordinance that Bans the Retail Sale of Dogs and Cats in Smyrna, TN

Apr 14, 2023 at 09:00 am by WGNS News

First half of the show we talked with representatives from the TN Philharmonic Orchestra. Later, we learned more about a new ordinance in Smyrna that bans the retail sale of dogs and cats.

ACTION LINE (First Half of the Show): WGNS' Scott Walker focuses on the Tennessee Philharmonic Orchestra with special guests including founder and original conductor Dr. Laurence Harvin, CEO Jane McNulty and Board Chair Ray Singer. The final performance of the season is next Thursday night at 7PM (April 20, 2023) at Belle Aire Baptist Church. TPO Concertmaster Stefan Petrescu will offer his final Murfreesboro concert before retiring. 

Second Half of Show (Starting at 36-Minutes): During the later portion of the show, we learn about a new ordinance in the Town of Smyrna, TN that is geared towards ending the inhumane treatment of dogs and cats. Smyrna Town Attorney Jeff Peach spoke to WGNS' Scott Walker about this new ordinance that will hopefully put the brakes on the operation of puppy mills. The new ordinance fully bans the retail sale of dogs and cats at all pet stores in the Smyrna area.