We're Counting The Cars--Instead of Stars!

May 27, 2023 at 10:31 am by WGNS

(MURFREESBORO)  Whether you asked it sneaky like a fox or standing on a box...local residents agree that the area's top problem is TRAFFIC! If you don't believe that, put on your brightest red hat so you won't get hit. Then walk along the street and listen--you'll hear the roar--TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC!

Rutherford County Property Assessor Rob Mitchell pulled out his box of surprises, and Tennessee is now the fifteenth (15) most populated state in the USA. We just flashed past Massachusetts.


Go back to when Tennessee' native Dinah Shore sang "See The USA . . .", who would have believed that nowadays you don't have to leave the Volunteer State to be overpowered by throngs of people.

Now--picture Dinah throwing you her famous kiss, remember that? 

If that doesn't give you a clue about Tennessee Traffic, Rob has pulled out another  surprise. 

Of this nation's 100 fastest growing counties, Tennessee has five (5) of them: 

  • #43 is Rutherford with 19,138 more residents in the past 3-years alone.
  • #60 Knox County has welcomed 15,593 new Vol fans into their city. 
  • #67 Montgomery County has had 15,207 residents move to Austin Peay's home city. 
  • #75 is Williamson County and over the past 3-years, 13,082 have moved to enjoy the good life
  • #89 is neighboring Wilson County, and 10,808 new residents have come to relax by the lake and enjoy the cedars. 

Thanks for the info Rob, now let's head to the streets and count the cars--much different from when our grandparents used to relax and count the stars

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