New Ordinance Aimed at Preventing Lewd Behavior on City of Murfreesboro Property May Have Additional Consequences

Jun 22, 2023 at 01:45 am by WGNS News


MURFREESBORO, TN - A new ordinance in Murfreesboro is aimed at preventing public indecency and instead, promoting public decency. This new ordinance, that passed on the second reading, is focused at maintaining a family-friendly environment on City of Murfreesboro property and protecting minors from lewd behavior, materials or expressions (Scroll down for video).


City Attorney Adam Tucker said violating the ordinance on keeping an event on city property decent could result in... While the ordinance will allow the city to prohibit renting city owned venues to any group that violates the ordinance, it may result in future problems... That was Vice Mayor Bill Shacklett.

Shacklett said the ordinance ultimately allows for the police chief and city manager to decide what is decent verses indecent...

The vice mayor suggested the proposed ordinance started with legitimate concern over events held on city property, to making way for the city manager to decide what should or shouldn't be accepted material on city property. The ordinance covers all city property, even libraries...

Again, the new ordinance that was aimed at preventing lewd behavior at events held on city property, passed on the second reading by the Murfreesboro City Council (Watch video below that starts at the "23-O-22 Community Decency Standards Ordinance).

MORE DETAILS: Two of the lines in the ordinance that were concerning to Vice Mayor Shacklett state:

WHEREAS, in order to promote health, safety, and the general welfare of the community, the City Council may regulate conduct on City property;"

"WHEREAS, communities have the right to establish and preserve contemporary community standards and to define appropriate and acceptable conduct that is consistent with those standards and which may be openly displayed within the community or conducted in a public space;”

Read the entire ordinance (PDF) HERE.


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