Retired Farmer's Life Saved by Innovative Wireless Pacemaker

Jun 28, 2023 at 09:24 pm by WGNS Radio News

Thomas Moser, a 74-year-old retired farmer from Waynesboro, Tennessee, recently experienced a life-altering event that showcased the advancements in modern medicine. Thomas had been managing his heart condition for the past few years with Dr. Andrew Zurick, cardiologist at Ascension Saint Thomas Heart, but over the last couple of months, Thomas's health took a downturn as he started experiencing dizzy spells and even suffered a few falls.

As Thomas was in for a routine physical examination at the local VA clinic, he suddenly collapsed, sending a panic through the room. The attending physician struggled to detect a pulse as Thomas's wife, Roberta, stood helplessly by his side. After a few moments passed by, Thomas regained consciousness, providing a sense of relief. 


Acting quickly, they reached out to Dr. Zurick, for urgent medical advice. Dr. Zurick recommended that Thomas seek specialized care at Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital West, ensuring he would receive the highest level of cardiac care and expertise available.

Thomas found himself under the care of Dr. Ricardo Lugo, cardiac electrophysiologist at Ascension Saint Thomas Heart. Dr. Lugo performed a procedure, implanting the first state-of-the-art wireless pacemaker in Tennessee called Micra™ VR2.The wireless pacemaker offers a minimally invasive solution for managing specific abnormal heart rhythms. With its improved battery life and simplified programming, it represents a significant advancement over previous pacemaker models. The wireless design minimizes complications associated with traditional pacemakers, while still delivering optimal pacing benefits.

Thomas had his surgery on May 9th and is now recovering comfortably at home, Thomas has nothing but gratitude for the exceptional care he received at Ascension Saint Thomas. The successful pacemaker implantation not only saved his life, but also reignited his hope for a brighter and healthier future. Thomas states, "I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the remarkable expertise and compassionate care I received at Ascension Saint Thomas."

Beyond Thomas's incredible recovery, Dr. Ricardo Lugo is the first cardiologist in Tennessee and the Southeast, and the third in the entire United States, to successfully insert the Micra™ VR2 pacemaker.

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