Murfreesboro is Not that Geeky of a City

Jul 10, 2023 at 06:25 pm by WGNS News

Photo captured by WGNS' Scott Walker at an Anime event in Murfreesboro several years ago.


MURFREESBORO, TN - The Murfreesboro area is evidently NOT that geeky, that according to the 2023 Geekiest Cities list released by LawnLove. Murfreesboro came in towards the bottom of the rankings at number 172, out of 200-cities in the United States. In case you're curious, the absolute Geekiest City is New York, NY, ranking at number 1 for access to collectibles, access to costumes and the overall community ranking.


In Tennessee, the Geekiest City happens to be Memphis, followed by Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Clarksville and then Murfreesboro. Nationwide, Memphis ranked as the 51st Geekiest City in the U.S., Nashville came in at number 58 followed by Knoxville at number 59. Chattanooga ranked 65 on the list, while Clarksville was at number 141 and again, Murfreesboro was at number 172 on the Geeky City list.

Some of the factors that did not bode well for Murfreesboro was a lack of comic book stores and Comic-Con events, along with a few other key necessities that are missing... Murfreesboro's Geeky event score was at 128 out of 200, with number 1 being the best. The information means that local residents don't have the opportunity to get involved in geeky Meetup groups or visit places in the 'Boro that host Dungeons & Dragons or similar events. That said, there is a lack of a lot when it comes to being Geeky locally.


Memphis ranked well when it came to Geek centered events, pulling in at number 31 out of 200 cities. Geeky Nashville events scored a 46 on the list. The city with the highest number of Geek events... Orlando, Florida followed by Atlanta, Georgia coming in at number 2. Los Angeles, California ranked at number 3 in the Geeky events category.

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