Holloway High School Hosting Student Open House July 27

Jul 12, 2023 at 09:19 am by WGNS News


(RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN) - Holloway High School will be hosting its annual open house on July 27 from 3-6 p.m. Prospective students will be able to take a tour of the school and complete interviews on-site the same day.

Administrators will be doing the equivalent of a “speed dating” type interview with students being admitted on the spot, said Principal Sumatra Drayton.


“A good candidate,” Drayton said, “is one that is in good standing academically with their current school. Students that come to us as freshman will have the opportunity to graduate in three years. We complete a full year of study in one semester.”

Holloway High School is the oldest 4x4 block schedule school in the county. With a unique schedule, Holloway presents an opportunity for students who may have fallen behind to still graduate on time.

“Some community members think we are an alternative school — we are not. What we are is an alternative to the large comprehensive high schools. Our small numbers help students that might struggle with ‘social’ anxiety,” Drayton said.

In addition to its unique schedule, Holloway is also the only school with a licensed daycare for student parents. The school is licensed by the state of Tennessee for children six months to four years old, Drayton said.

For those who wish to be interviewed and admitted, Drayton advised they bring their essay with them to complete the process more quickly.

Students who have an interest in Holloway for the current school year or even future school years should plan to attend the open house. Applications are available on Holloway’s website at https://hhs.rcschools.net/

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