All New Combination of Uncle Dave Days & American Mules and Music, Gloria Christy, Marty Ray Gordon

Jul 22, 2023 at 03:04 pm by WGNS

(SHELBYVILLE) You've been hearing that Uncle Dave Macon Days is teaming-up with The American Mule and Music Association on the Celebration Grounds September through October 1, 2023. This will be in the Cooper Steel Arena, 721 Whithorn St, in Shelbyville. The festival can be under roof or outside, depending on the weather.

Uncle Dave Macon Days President Gloria Christy said, “The organizers of Uncle Dave Macon Days are committed to enhancing the value of this wonderful event, American Mule and Music Festival which has already become a formidable

experience in Middle Tennessee.”

Organizers of Uncle Dave Macon Days are blending 45 years of experience in preservation of

roots music and the rural culture of Middle Tennessee. With a common mission, the added value
of working with the talented organizers of the American Mules and Music Association will be

Marty Gordon, Director of American Mules and Music notes, “We are teaming up with Uncle Dave
Macon Days to enhance the festival experience educating the public about old-time traditions in a
fun way. As we embrace the future, together we will provide the old way of life of American-made
music, mules, and homestead skills.”

Embedded in America’s rich musical history are musical hallmarks, uncanny melodies that seem
to originate from a single source. These tunes stylistically have been perfectly blended, passed
down through the decades into modern styles: blues, jazz, hoedown, jug, bluegrass bands and
even rock and roll. Just as the significance of the mule in America’s story needs to be told, so
does the story of the melodious harmonies of shaped note hymn singing, the syncopated rhythms
of the hoe down bands, haunting laments of the blues, fun loving sounds of jug bands, and the
driving interplay of voice and instrumentation of bluegrass.

Visitors to Macon Music and Mules, Sept. 28 – Oct. 1, 2023, at the Celebration Grounds in Shelbyville will be
delighted and educated by Pickers in Pickersville in the Family Area at the 2023 Macon Music and
Mules Festival. Middle Tennessee roots musicians and dancers will be featured.

For more information, contact either Marty Ray Gordon at 931-703-7975 or Gloria Christy at 615-668-0475. Marty's email is, and you can email Gloria at

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