Rockvale Elementary School Briefly Evacuated - Root of Foul Smell Caused by Installation of New HVAC System

Aug 22, 2023 at 10:55 am by WGNS News

ROCKVALE, TN - WGNS received text messages from several concerned parents who have students at Rockvale Elementary School on Highway 99 Tuesday morning.  One parent described seeing 4-firetrucks outside the Rutherford County school, shortly after the first bell time.

At first, staff at Rockvale Elementary thought a gas leak may be present… which is why students were quickly evacuated from the building after arriving for class. But after fire fighters arrived and investigated further, no gas leak was detected. Instead, the smell was caused by a new HVAC system that is still being installed at the county operated school.


According to communications director James Evans, “They resolved the issue, double-checked the building, students were brought back to the building, and the principal sent a message to all parents.” Again, there was not a gas leak at the school. The foul smell had to do with the installation of a new heating and air system.

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