TailorMed Joins Forces with TwelveStone Health Partners to Improve Medication Access and Affordability

Aug 22, 2023 at 06:51 pm by WGNS News

MURFREESBORO, TN - TailorMed, a leading technology company offering the nation’s largest network of patients, providers, pharmacies, life science companies, and other partners dedicated to improving healthcare affordability, today announced it is collaborating with TwelveStone Health Partners. TwelveStone, which provides comprehensive chronic care medication services, has confidently invested in TailorMed’s best-in-class solutions to remove financial barriers for patients with high-cost conditions.


The cost of specialty drugs, including infused therapies, is rising rapidly. In fact, the average annual cost for one specialty medication is estimated to be at least $84,000. These staggering expenses often lead to medication nonadherence and prescription abandonment. Financial assistance programs help eligible patients pay for treatment, yet these resources remain underutilized. TailorMed offers a comprehensive solution by empowering providers and pharmacies to proactively flag patients in need. The technology then matches patients with relevant funding opportunities, drawing on more than 6,000 resources ranging from drug manufacturer copay assistance to foundation grants. TwelveStone Health Partners will use the company’s enterprise platform to improve access to critical therapies for patients who could not otherwise afford them.

“This partnership enhances our commitment to expanding patient access and addressing affordability to ensure that those who need them most can receive innovative medications in a warm, caring, patient-centric care environment,” said Shane Reeves, chief executive officer, TwelveStone Health Partners. “TailorMed’s technology provides real value to our patients who deserve a higher level of care and support.”

The process of connecting patients with financial assistance has historically been an arduous and highly manual process. The TailorMed platform will significantly reduce the administrative burden for TwelveStone Health Partners, allowing staff to efficiently address patients’ financial needs. The company’s Pharmacy solution will also enable staff to streamline the management and tracking of free and replacement drug orders.

“We’re very proud to collaborate with leading specialty pharmacies and infusion centers such as TwelveStone Health Partners as our network continues to expand,” said Bryan Bloom, head of enterprise sales at TailorMed. “By leveraging our solutions to tackle affordability, TwelveStone will be better equipped to provide superior patient experiences, while ensuring no one falls through the cracks due to costs.”

Srulik Dvorsky, co-founder and chief executive officer at TailorMed, also shared: “We are especially pleased to add TwelveStone Health Partners to our growing list of infusion center clients. As a company committed to innovating at scale, we want to do everything we can to ensure our partners can also deliver care at scale.”

To learn more about TailorMed’s solutions and how its technology allows for real-time tracking of patient financial opportunities, measurement of ROI, and powerful data-driven reporting, click here.

About TailorMed - TailorMed offers the nation’s largest network of patients, providers, pharmacies, partners, and life science companies focused on ensuring all patients across all medical conditions can afford treatment. Driven by TailorMed's best-in-class platform, network constituents can proactively identify, match, and enroll patients in financial assistance programs to deliver a world-class patient financial experience while reducing the cost of care delivery and increasing revenues. TailorMed’s secure, web-based financial assistance solutions are deployed across more than 1,000 sites of care, including Providence Health, UnityPoint Health, Yale-New Haven Health, and Advocate Aurora Health. To learn more, go to https://tailormed.co/.

About TwelveStone Health Partners - TwelveStone Health Partners incorporates the objective of glorifying God into its mission by delivering a higher level of service to partners and patients. As an organization, TwelveStone supports the transition from acute to post-acute care environments and the transition from sickness to health. Founded in 2016 TwelveStone is the third iteration of pharmacy organizations founded by Shane Reeves and the Reeves family. Today TwelveStone is rapidly expanding across the Southeast anchored by spa-like infusion centers conveniently located in suburban communities supported by additional services including package medications, home infusion, enteral and injections. TwelveStone is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to those with chronic, complex conditions in the environment that is most convenient for both the patient and their loved ones. For more information, visit http://www.12stonehealth.com.



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