Former Oakland Patriot Joining LSU Tigers Coaching Staff

Aug 28, 2023 at 04:35 pm by WGNS News

Jacoby Stevens, Oakland Patriot alumni class of 2017 and former Sixth Round NFL Draft Pick, is eager to learn from LSU Head Football Coach Brian Kelly and others on the coaching staff.


Stevens recently accepted a role with the LSU Football Team. Stevens has high praise for the second-year head coach. “Coach [Brian Kelly] wins wherever he goes,” says Stevens.

“I’m there with a notepad with a pen each and every day learning. I’m watching the man in front of me and learning from him because eventually I want to be in his spot.”

Stevens’ humble posture was evident as he talked about his role with the football team.

“I’m surrounded by guys who have done it before, so if I can add any advice, experience or words, I’ll gladly do it. Mostly I’m just learning from them now.”

LSU Football is positioned to take a huge step this coming season as a program. When asked about this coming season, Stevens declared that he is excited to see the players on the roster compete.

Stevens is no stranger to competition since athletics in Rutherford County are extremely competitive. “Healthy competition raises the value,” Jacoby says.

“In Rutherford County, everyone wants to be better than the previous whether professionally, academically or athletically.”

Stevens quoted former LSU Head Football Coach, Coach Ed Orgeron, by saying “Competition breeds excellence.”

Competition for the LSU Tigers begins on September 3 when they take on the Florida State Seminoles in Orlando, Florida.