Correlation Between Parkinson's and Dementia

Sep 04, 2023 at 03:26 pm by WGNS

(MURFREESBORO)  The St. Clair Senior Center offers a variety of SUPPORT GROUPS, and the one dealing with Parkinson's Disease is growing dramatically. They normally meet at 10:00AM on the first and third Friday of each month. However, since that fell on Labor Day this year, the Parkinson Support group will meet this coming Friday morning (Sept. 8, 2023) at 10:00AM.  The Senior Center is at 325 St. Clair Street. 



St. Clair's Health and Wellness Coordinator Laura Grissom said the group offers excellent guest speakers . . .

A CBS News report notes that dementia cases are down, while Parkinson's Disease is up...and that there is a correlation between the two diseases . . .

What causes Parkinson's Disease . . .

Here are some of the sympdoms of Parkinson's disease:

               1. tremors that afftect the face, jaw, legs, arms and limbs
               2. slow, stiff walking
               3. trouble maintaining balance
               4. problems with coordination
               5. stiff feeling in arms, legs and torso area
               6. changes in handwriting

  • Parkinson's symptons will eventually worsen:

               1. depression
               2. gastrointestinal problems (like constipation)
               3. problems with urination
               4. trouble chewing and swallowing food
               5. memory loss
               6. hallucinations
               7. dementia
               8. weight loss

Grissom reminds you that there are actions we can take to make our lives more comfortable with these diseases . . .

In addition to a Parkinson's Disease support group, the St. Clair Senior Center also offers support groups dealing with grief, challenges of being a widow, a group to strengthen lungs and in October--a support group for Macular Degeneration is being added. 

The St. Clair Senior Center is located a 325 St. Clair Street, and is operated by Murfreesboro Parks & Recreation Department. Most of the services are free. You must be age 60+ to participate, or have a spouse who is at least that age.

For more information, phone the St. Clair Senior Center at 615-848-2550. 



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