Control Tower Is In The Future for Murfreesboro Airport

Sep 13, 2023 at 04:25 pm by WGNS

(MURFREESBORO)  It looks as if the Murfreesboro Municipal Airport will become a controlled air space facility. 



Mayor Shane McFarland told WGNS News that a study had been done . . .

The mayor noted that with a car, a fender bender doesn't usually result in injuries. However, with an airplane--it usually results in severe injuries or death. He stressed that the City should not wait for a problem to start before correcting the issue . . .

Mayor McFarland indicated that the bulk of the expense in building a control tower would be covered by federal and state funds--about 90 per cent. 

More Growth At New Airport

The Murfreesboro Municipal Airport just recently re-opened after shutting down in mid-May. During that time, they re-did the runway and taxiway as well as adding a displaced threshold. 

Mayor McFarland said the crews are still working on lighting, striping the runway, along with some FAA control items. 

The mayor indicated that charter jet service is already coming to Murfreesboro. However, to attract more of that business, those carriers want 5,000 foot runways. Murfreesboro has a 4,733 foot runway. 

He explained, "A 250-foot displaced threshold had been added with the renovations, and that will help, but it can be used only for take-offs, not for landings."

The new Murfreesboro Municipal Airport has a community room that is so popular that it's booked most of the time.

Mayor McFarland said that MTSU has classroom space in the new terminal, however . . .

The mayor stressed, "The situation here is quite different. The local airport is the property of local residents--they paid for it, not federal dollars."

In looking toward the future, the mayor noted that the Nashville Airport Director spoke to local pilots and indicated that Murfreesboro was probably third for traffic in Tennessee with Nashville and Memphis running before that. 

McFarland commented, "The BNA (Nashville Airport) director said that growth in Music City has pushed it's class Charlie airspace to Smyrna. That makes Murfreesboro adding a control tower even more important."

Smyrna has had a control tower for many years. 

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