Local Author to Visit Linebaugh Public Library for Book Signing

Sep 27, 2023 at 10:48 am by WGNS News

Books "The Last" and "Stoodie," and author Taffeta Chime. Background photo: Linebaugh Library

MURFREESBORO, TENN - Linebaugh Public Library in Murfreesboro will host local author Taffeta Chime for a book signing on Saturday, October 21st, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The author will be signing and selling copies of her books The Last and Stoodie.

In The Last,"Josephine Cousteau is a nine-year-old girl who lives in a time when all children are homeschooled through a virtual, web-based program. Having no siblings, extended family, or friends, Jo's life is very lonely. She loves her parents, but her father, a famous oceanographer, is gone for long periods of time, working on a mysterious "project." He promises Jo, however, that her life is going to change. It does, but not even her father is prepared for how much! The Last follows Jo through her extraordinary life, finding out the truth about her father's project, facing the terrible death of a parent, and learning the precious value of friendship, faith, and love. Through the monumental and not-so-monumental experiences that mark the milestones in her life, Jo does much more than survive!"


“Stoodie follows Amai Sasayaku, a thirteen-year-old girl, during a time when school is a thing of the past. Most children receive their education from a machine called a TUTOR that downloads lessons directly into their brains at night while they sleep. Though the process takes years to complete, children are absolutely free to play and enjoy their waking hours -- except for taking the TUTOR tests that are administered periodically to confirm that the TUTOR education process is working properly. Failure can result in a child being sent to Traditional School to learn the old-fashioned way. These unfortunate children are called "stoodies" because they have to study in order to learn. Amai has not been doing well on her recent TUTOR tests. She is afraid ... Will she have to go to Traditional School? Is Amai becoming a stoodie?”

Readers have given Chime’s books great reviews, such as this one for Stoodie: “This is an awesome book. While it is written geared towards a middle school audience, it is readily accessible and also a fun read for adults as well! I highly recommend this book.”

Taffeta Chime is a writer and language teacher from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where she and her husband Shane Xu serve with the Chinese congregation at the North Boulevard Church of Christ. Chime has a BA in English and Creative Writing and an MA in English and Foreign Languages/Linguistics both from Middle Tennessee State University. She has won multiple awards for her short stories, poems, and essays and has been published in several literary journals.

The author will have copies of her books to sign and sell at $10.00 for paperbacks and $14.00 for hardback. Cash, checks, credit cards, Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, and Zelle accepted.

  • Linebaugh Public Library is located at 105 W. Vine St. in Murfreesboro.
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