New Road Near Hospital To REDUCE Congested Traffic--Opens Mid January

Sep 30, 2023 at 01:02 pm by WGNS

(MURFREESBORO) The City of Murfreesboro is constructing a new roadway and it will create another way to get routine as well as emergency traffic around the medical offices and hospital. It is expected to be open for traffic by mid-January, 2024.

City of Murfreesboro Development Services Executive Director Greg McKnight told NewsRadio WGNS that construction crews are connecting the Gateway Boulevard from the round about to Robert Rose Dr. The extension is a two-lane extension of Gateway Boulevard to Robert Rose Drive.  There will be a signal to control traffic at that intersection.


McKnight noted that the project is being built totally by City funds and completion costs are estimated to be $2-million. Again, the completion is expected to finished in mid-January.

The new roadway will go between the rear of the Oaks Shopping Center and a beautiful, wider area of Stones River. It will also include a pedestrian sidewalk so that people can fully enjoy the river view.

Gateway Boulevard also fronts a section of the proposed Notes Live luxury amphitheater, upscale restaurant and live entertainment venue.

McKnight indicated that when completed in a few months, it will ease both regular and emergency traffic through this medical section.




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