Rutherford County Commissioner Jeff Phillips Talks About Proper Planning for the Future of Rutherford County

Oct 10, 2023 at 10:45 pm by WGNS News

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RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - The growth rate of Rutherford County between January 1, 2010 and January 1 of 2021, has equaled approximately 730 new residents per month. Although county officials suggest the COVID Pandemic throttled growth by 73-fewer residents monthly, equaling a growth rate of 657 new residents monthly in 2019. Nonetheless, 657 to 730 new residents moving into Rutherford County monthly is an example of exponential growth.



Some areas of the county have experienced more growth than other areas... That was Rutherford County Commissioner Jeff Phillips. 

PlanRutherford, an initiative that began in the Spring of 2022, allows for residents and stakeholders to take a more purpose driven approach to planning the future development of the county.

Addressing longā€term infrastructure needs in the county is one of the most important aspects of PlanRutherford. County leaders may also need to re-approach decisions made in the past... In 1960, the population stood at a little more than 52-thousand residents. Since that time, the county population has grown by 313-thousand residents. Today, approximately 365-thousand residents call Rutherford County home. Current growth patterns indicate the population will continue to grow to more than a half million people by 2045.

Commissioner Phillps highlighted the importance of developing an overall vision to help shape Rutherford County's future... PlanRutherford Community Workshops are scheduled to take place on Wednesday, October 11 at Lascassas Elementary School. There will also be a Community Workshop on Monday, October 16 at Rockvale High School. Click here for workshop details.

Jeff Phillips serves as a Rutherford County Commissioner in District 17. Click here to hear the entire interview with Phillips, who was featured on the WGNS RoundTable with hosts Wayne Blair and Rick Hall.



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