12-Year-Old Leaven Needs a Kidney Transplant - Hear the WGNS Interview

Oct 18, 2023 at 11:41 pm by WGNS News

Elijah Wilson hangs a sign about his son Leaven needing a kidney. Hear the full interview below.


MURFREESBORO, TN - All too often we see someone who appears to be going through some type of struggle, but seldom do we know why – nor do we ask. For one Murfreesboro father that look of hopelessness has a reason, but looks are not always what they seem. In fact, Elijah Wilson is far from hopeless and is instead - HOPEFUL - with perhaps a few sprinkles of fear mixed in. But, any good parent would have a hint of fear when watching their youngest son walk through what could be the toughest point in their life.


If you ask Elijah what's the toughest part about watching your 12-year-old struggle through more good days than bad while awaiting a match for a new kidney, he will likely tell you the wait is the hardest thing to endure. For him, days literally feel like months and weeks pass by like years...

The wait for a new kidney is not from a lack of trying. Elijah tells everyone he meets about his son Leaven and how badly he needs a kidney transplant. From phone calls to media outlets, to physically hiking from business to business asking managers and store owners if he could hang a poster in their window - - posters that Elijah printed on his home computer explaining how Leaven needs a type O kidney donor.

One of the toughest things Elijah has had to hear, was the recent phone call from the organization that is attempting to find a match for Levan. The organization told the dad...

Leaven, a former Blackman Middle School student, is currently staying with his mom in Colorado because that's where he was when he first started feeling sick. Elijah says Levan makes the trek “to and from” the children's hospital in Denver almost weekly. Despite the great care Leaven's receiving, the distance between Elijah and his son is another tough aspect to stomach.

Elijah lights up when talking about the times his son is able to smile... The Mile High company has multiple billboards advertising Levan's need for a kidney match in Colorado – and they have the young mans face prominently placed on each sign (See below photo).

We asked Elijah what his plea would be for someone listening... Leaven's blood type is O+. While O is considered to be the universal donor, it cannot universally receive. "O" Patients can only receive a kidney from an O donor.

If you would like to donate your kidney to save the life of 12-year-old Leaven Wilson, call Kidney Solutions at 830-285-2140. You will have to give Leaven Wilson's name and date of birth, which is 01-21-11. You can also email Kidney4LW@gmail.com with any questions you may have on donating a kidney. 

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