Two Former Lady Raiders in "Harms Way"

Oct 19, 2023 at 09:23 pm by WGNS

(MURFREESBORO) WGNS Roundtable host Chip Walters was talking with MTSU Lady Raiders Coach Rick Insell about two former Lady Raiders who are possibly in “harms way”. Door Sar from Israel and Kseniya Malashka from Belarus.  

Door Sar was an outstanding guard for MTSU, and she graduated this past August with an MBA in Business. Upon returning home, the 23-year-old joined the Israeli military, a requirement for everyone over age 18.


Her friend and Lady Raider, Kseniya Malashka were both playing professional basketball in Israel.  However, Malashka was advised to return home to Minsk, Belarus after the attack on Israel by Hamas.

At that same time,  Door Sar was called to duty and is now in uniform loading Israeli military trucks with supplies, and expects to be sent to the front line.

Here is a portion of that conversation on WGNS between the Voice of the Blue Raiders Chip Walters and Lady Raiders Coach Rick Insell...

About the Former LADY RAIDERS: 

Kseniya Malashka was a 6-foot tall, red-shirt senior, who played forward.  Through three conference games, Malashka averaged a league-leading 21 points per contest. Her hometown is Minsk, Belarus. 

Door Sar was a 5-ft. 6-inch tall guard who came to MTSU from the Israeli Basketball Academy. She was a graduate student, and complete her Masters in Business this past summer (graduated in August, 2023).  Her hometown is Ma'anit, Israel. 

She and her friend Kseniya returned to Israel to play professional basketball there. That ended with the attack on Israel by the Hamas. 

NewsRadio WGNS will keep you informed on these two former Lady Raiders. 



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