Tennessee Places at #4 for Cussing in Online Posts

Oct 25, 2023 at 09:30 am by WGNS News


TENNESSEE - To some, swearing is a bad habit, an involuntary reflex in a moment of pain, excitement, or anger. According to research, the average American cusses 80 to 90 times a day, or about five words every waking hour. And, as time goes on, swearing is becoming more acceptable both online and off - from everyday life to music, film, and TV, rude words are hard to miss. 


When looking at the states across the country, Tennessee comes in at fourth place for cussing. That said, the research shows that an average of 6.2 cuss words happen in postings online. The most used cuss word in Tennessee is ‘sh*t’ which appears 18% of the time. The state’s love for homonyms continues with ‘f*ck+ng’ at 17%. ‘F*ck’ earns the third spot, with 14% usage across the state.

Interestingly, every state’s favorite cuss word is ‘sh*t’ apart from Colorado which favors ‘f*cki+g’ and Californians that love to use ‘h*ll’.

The Lone Star State placed first place, with more than 6.9 cuss words used per post - that's an astonishing 4,743 swear words from 691 posts. Texan’s favorite cuss word is ‘sh*t’, shared with 48 other states, with the fan favorite accounting for 20% of the swear share in the state. 

Following closely in second is Ohio, with an average of 6.7 cuss words per post. This equates to 5,601 cuss words overall. Sharing the same favorite word as Texas, ‘sh*t’ is used 18% of the time, closely followed by ‘f*cking’ used 16%.

Florida comes in third, with 6.5 swear words per post with 4,723 uses overall. 18% of the time, Floridians use ‘sh*t’ to express themselves. 

Rounding off the top five is Tennessee in fourth with 6.2 and Missouri following with 6.1 swears per post.  Meanwhile, the state with the least fiery language is California, with just 0.2 cuss words per post. 

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