RCEMS Paramedic Daniel Klintworth Honored by Exchange Club

Nov 18, 2023 at 07:18 am by WGNS

(L-R) Rutherford County EMS Commander Doug Leverette, Rutherford County EMS Assistant Director Steve Hart, Kali Klintworth, Rutherford County Paramedic Daniel Klintworth, Rutherford County EMS Director Brian Gaither

 (MURFREESBORO) The Murfreesboro Noon Exchange Club has named Rutherford County Paramedic Daniel Klintworth the 2023 Paramedic of the Year.

Rutherford County Emergency Medical Service Director Brian Gaither said, “Over the past four months, Rutherford County Emergency Medical Service was dispatched to multiple medical emergencies. During that time, Paramedic Daniel Klintworth responded to two cardiac arrest incidents resulting in saving the patients’ lives. In one incident in June, the patient was revived and Klintworth recognized a myocardial infarction and treated the patient appropriately on the scene. The patient was discharged from the hospital with no neurological defects or residual issues. The second incident was in July when severe anaphylaxis caused a patient to deteriorate and go into cardiac arrest. Klintworth simultaneously treated anaphylaxis and cardiac arrest. He recognized both fatal issues and corrected them.”


One of Klintworth’s supervisors said he has a great attitude, is always willing to learn, provides thorough documentation and is willing to jump in and help with anything he is asked to do.

Gaither continued, “Many paramedics never see these types of emergencies in their entire career. It’s unusual for Klintworth to have experienced two of these events in such a short amount of time.”

Reflecting on the award Klintworth said, “My parents were nurses, and my uncle was a respiratory therapist, so I wanted to be the first to go into the paramedics industry. I’m in complete shock still with getting the award recognition. I come in and I don’t feel like I do anything special. I just come in and do my job and it’s the added benefit of being able to help people and help somebody out in time of need.”

THANK YOU Paramedic Daniel Klintworth for professional and caring service that you offer this community through Rutherford County Emergency Medical Service.

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