Tucker Marcum Announces Candidacy for State House, District 34 in Rutherford County

Nov 28, 2023 at 12:45 pm by WGNS News

Tucker Marcum has announced that he will be seeking the office of Tennessee House of Representatives District 34. Tucker is a Rutherford County native and is running to be an unrelenting advocate for District 34 and Rutherford County.


“I believe we can truly use this office to produce real results for Rutherford County. Rutherford County is the economic and cultural engine of Tennessee and we deserve a representative that is committed to tackling the issues facing our community, not a representative who plays petty, political games that produce zero results for Rutherford County,” stated Marcum.

Marcum is committed to using this office to tackle the real issues facing our community. He will defend our shared values, advocate for tax cuts that combat rising inflation, and working with state and local officials to bring results and tax dollars back to Rutherford County.

“I know that we need strong schools, better infrastructure, safer neighborhoods, and a business friendly environment. District 34 deserves a representative who will hold strong on our values, while working in a productive way with state leadership to produce results for our district. I will fight inflation by working to eliminate the grocery tax and by not allowing the burden of growth to lead to higher and higher property taxes for Rutherford County residents,” he added.

Marcum has supported conservative candidates by helping elect dozens of conservatives by knocking doors, making phone calls, and managing campaigns to get good people in office.

“I saw early on that who we elect to represent us has a major impact on our community. I’ve spent years working to elect folks who have our shared values and understand the importance of working hard for the people who have hired you to produce results for your community,” explained Marcum.

Marcum is a product of Murfreesboro City and Rutherford County schools, attending Central Magnet School before graduating from a Tennessee virtual public school while working full-time. He currently consults on community engagement and public relations for companies bringing investments to rural communities in the South.

Marcum is also an active member of the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce, Smyrna Rotary Club, and Rutherford County Republican Party. He currently serves on the Rutherford County Public Building Authority where he currently oversees the construction of Rutherford County’s Public Health & Safety Buildings, including the recently opened Rockvale Public Health and Safety building.

Currently, incumbent Tim Rudd serves Rutherford County in District 34. Rudd, who is a Republican, lives in Murfreesboro, TN. 



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