Nashville International Airport Addresses Traffic Surge with New Parking Solutions

Dec 01, 2023 at 04:54 pm by WGNS News

Now that Thanksgiving festivities have concluded, it's safe to say that Nashville International Airport (BNA) experienced a surge in traffic with increased travelers heading to and from various destinations. The bustling airport, a key hub in Middle Tennessee, likely anticipates another spike in numbers during the upcoming Christmas holiday. Notably, a significant portion of these travelers hail from the culturally diverse Rutherford County area, which has become a melting pot of various cultures. As an example of how diverse Rutherford County is, the county school system reported that around 70-languages were spoken in local classrooms (2015 numbers).


The heightened traffic at the Nashville airport has led to challenges, prompting some travelers to resort to unconventional solutions. Reports indicate a small number of travelers faced with congestion on roadways leading into the airport, have resorted to parking their vehicles on the side of the road and walking to the terminals to ensure they don’t miss their flights. Recognizing the need for solutions, BNA is actively working on initiatives to ease traffic congestion and enhance the overall passenger experience, as announced on Friday, December 1, 2023, complimentary and reduced-rate short-term parking options in terminal garages starting.

Responding to the surge in traffic attributed to remarkable growth in Middle Tennessee, Nashville International Airport (BNA) unveiled complimentary and reduced-rate short-term parking options in Terminal Garage 1 and Terminal Garage 2 that started Friday, December 1, 2023. Acknowledging concerns about roadway congestion, Doug Kreulen, BNA’s President and CEO, emphasized the importance of these initiatives in providing a seamless passenger experience.

The new short-term parking rates, ranging from free for up to 30 minutes to $30 for stays exceeding 120 minutes, aim to alleviate the habit of persistent circling on Terminal Drive. Visitors picking up friends and family are encouraged to use these designated spots or the existing free cell phone lot on Murfreesboro Pike. The move comes as part of BNA’s commitment to accommodating the exponential growth in Middle Tennessee. Major construction at the BNA airport will continue for years to come. Reports indicate the construction is expected to be complete in 2028.

More Roadway News at the Nashville Airport: In tandem with the parking strategy, the ongoing construction phase, named New Horizon, includes long-term roadway improvements. Collaboration with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) is also in progress to expedite the realignment of Donelson Pike and widen Exit 216A off I-40 E, crucial steps in the effort to enhance terminal roadway infrastructure.

To ensure a smoother passenger pickup process, residents are urged to enroll in BNA Text Alerts for real-time traffic updates. The airport emphasizes that arriving excessively early contributes to congestion and recommends using the available parking options or the cell lot for a streamlined experience.

The cell lot on Murfreesboro Pike, comprising 240 spaces with security features and real-time flight information, remains a reliable and cost-free alternative for drivers. With these initiatives, BNA continues to solidify its position as a vital asset for Middle Tennessee’s growth and a gateway to Music City and beyond.


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