Coffee Co. Sheriff’s Department Ask For Assistance in Locating Missing Man

Dec 08, 2023 at 02:39 pm by WGNS News

Photo from the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department

COFFEE COUNTY,  TN  - The Coffee County Sheriff's Department is reaching out to the community for assistance in locating a missing person, Johnny L Lowery. Last seen in the Manchester area within the past week, authorities are actively pursuing all leads to determine the whereabouts of the individual. While acknowledging the broad time frame and area, officials emphasize the importance of any credible information that could aid in the investigation.

The subject, Mr. Lowery, has been officially entered into the National Crime & Information Center (NCIC) database as a missing person. Sheriff's Department investigators, led by Inv Sharketti, urge residents to come forward with any relevant details that may shed light on Lowery's disappearance. Local authorities can be contacted directly, or individuals can reach out to Sharketti at 931-570-4423. The community's cooperation is crucial in efforts to reunite Lowery with his loved ones, and any information, no matter how small, is appreciated in this ongoing search.


In a statement, the Coffee County Sheriff's Department expressed gratitude for the public's cooperation and stressed the significance of a collective effort in locating Johnny L Lowery. The department reassures the community that all tips and leads are being diligently followed to bring resolution to this concerning situation.

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