New Year Brings NEW LAWS!

Dec 30, 2023 at 04:12 pm by WGNS

(NASHVILLE) “The beat goes on”, with the New Year new laws become effective in the Volunteer State. It’s ironic that before the ink dries on this legislation, our law makers are back on capitol hill creating more laws. The second half of the 113th General Assembly reconvenes at noon on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2024.   

After the pandemic, we saw an increase in vehicle crashes. Last year’s General Assembly passed legislation curb distractions and others to slow motorists down. 


SBO589 – Distracted driving penalties increased

Traffic Safety - As enacted, enacts the "Eddie Conrad Act," which establishes the number of points to be charged to a person's driving record for violations of driving while using a wireless telecommunications device. - Amends TCA Section 55-8-199.

SB0589 has been assigned Public Chapter Number 428 by the Secretary of State.

Eddie Conrad was killed when his car was rear-ended and pushed into traffic. His wife and grandchildren suffered serious injuries, but survived. The family pushed for this legislation that is known as “Eddie Conrad Act”.  They are aware of the impact of distracted drivers.

SB0258 - GPS added to court-issued car breathalyzers DUI Offenses - As enacted, requires that any ignition interlock device that is installed on or after January 1, 2024, employ global positioning system (GPS) technology that will geotag the motor vehicle's location whenever an initial startup test, a random retest, or a skipped test occurs, or when circumvention of the device is detected. - Amends TCA Section 55-10-411.  SB0258 has been assigned Public Chapter Number 20 by the Secretary of State.

For those issued a DUI starting in 2024, and the court decrees that the convicted driver must install an ignition interlock device that is, tied to a global positioning system (GPS) system.

SBO722 – Abrial’s Law

Child Custody and Support - As enacted, enacts "Abrial’s Law, the Keeping Children Safe from Family Violence Act," which makes various changes to child custody law. - Amends TCA Title 36 and Title 37.

This new legislation makes changes that particularly deal with child abuse and place them in

SB0722 has been assigned Public Chapter Number 266 by the Secretary of State.

SB0814  designed to help inmates get employment

Correction, Dept. of - As enacted, requires the department to provide an inmate who is discharged from imprisonment for a felony offense and who intends to reside in this state with certain documentation to assist the inmate in obtaining post-release employment and to coordinate with the department of safety to provide a photo identification license if the inmate does not have a current photo identification license or driver license. - Amends TCA Title 39; Title 40; Title 41 and Title 55.

SB0814 has been assigned Public Chapter Number 461 by the Secretary of State.

As in previous General Assemblies, WGNS invites members of the Rutherford County Delegation to be a part of a call-in/text-in program broadcast on the last Friday of each month (8:10-9:00AM) or the several months that the 113th is in session.


In addition, there are laws impacting FARMERS MARKETS for vendors who prepare food on-site.

Plus, there have been sweeping changes in the areas of business, excise and sales taxes. Check SB0275.

Rutherford County GA Update Returns on WGNS

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The Rutherford County Delegation consists of State Senators Shane Reeves and Dawn White; along with State Representatives Charlie Baum, Tim Rudd, Mike Sparks, Robert Stevens, and Dr. Bryan Terry.

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